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Märchen Awakens Romance

Anime Review
Märchen Awakens Romance
Themes: Other worlds

Plot: Ginta is a Japanese high school boy who often fantasizes about a land known as Mar Heaven. One day, he is mysteriously summoned to the imaginary land, which in fact turned out to be real. Upon reaching there, he learns of powerful weapons known as Arms that exist in Mar Heaven. With the companions and friends that he meets during his travels, the group seeks to destroy the Chess, a faction led by the mysterious Phantom, which is determined to bring about Mar Heaven's Ultimate Demise for reasons unknown.
Upon appearing in MÄR-Heaven, Ginta's physical weakness is replaced with physical strength as well as incredible stamina and endurance. The explanation given was that the gravity was lower in MÄR-Heaven, thereby bestowing relative strength and endurance on Ginta. However, no explanation was given for his improved eyesight. Ginta, who on Earth was a typical video game geek and underachieving student with a drunkard chain-smoking writer for a mother, finds his wildest dreams come true by discovering a world beyond his own where he can be someone else.
Ginta quickly meets the mysterious pink-haired witch Dorothy, who introduces him to the powerful magical accessories called "ÄRM" (pronounced air-um).
Dorothy plans to obtain the mysterious ÄRM Babbo, and brings Ginta along. Babbo is extremely special for an ÄRM: he can be shaped into different forms with the use of imagination and possesses a will of his own. However, he has lost all his memory, and considers himself a "gentleman". After saving Dorothy from Babbo's guardian, Ginta becomes the new owner of Babbo, though at first they do not get along.
He continues on a journey of discovery, revelling in this new world, but also finds that he misses the real world. Eventually Ginta resolves to find a way to reach home while enjoying as much of MÄR as he can along the way. However, it is not long before Ginta finds out that the world of MÄR-Heaven is not as peaceful as it seems, as he is attacked by thieves wishing to steal Babbo (who is wanted by the Chess Pieces Army). He soon meets Alviss, the person who brought him to MÄR-Heaven using the Gate Keeper Clown, and acknowledges the upcoming war with the Chess Piece Army. The army aims to destroy the peace of MÄR-Heaven. He also realised that his dad had been a hero in MAR heaven. Then found out that his dad died in MAR heaven in a match with Phantom.
Many more secrets and characters come to light, especially that of the epic MÄR-Heaven War six years ago, in which a mysterious man called Danna (lit. 'Boss' in Japanese, and in the Toonami Jetstream Anime) from Ginta's world defeated the champion knight of the Chess Piece Army, Phantom (the former owner of Babbo), ending the first MÄR-Heaven War. However, he gave his life in the process. As time passes, the story reveals that Phantom has been resurrected and wants to start another reign of terror over the world, with the help of the evil queen of Lestava.

Ginta Toramizu

(虎水ギンタ Toramizu Ginta)
Voiced by: Motoko Kumai (Japanese), Spike Spencer (English)


Ginta was born in the city of Tokyo to his father Danna and his unnamed mother. As a child, Ginta would often be told stories of the fairy-tale land of MÄR-Heaven by his father, despite his mother's protests. At some point in his childhood, Ginta befriended Koyuki, who he harbored a secret crush on. While in first grade, Ginta had a hobby of making plastic models. One day, however, the class bully destroyed Ginta's model. Ginta, angry, attempted to fight the bully, though lost miserably. Koyuki, who beat the bully up with a broom, would later help Ginta remake the model, telling him that if he stopped making models just because of a single bully, it would be like losing everything to him.
Once Ginta began to grow older, he would often play catch with his father near a nearby river. When Ginta was eight years old, Danna suddenly disappeared without a trace, much to the sorrows of the son and wife. Ginta's mother would take a job writing fairy tales to pay for Ginta's education after Danna's disappearance. Koyuki often attempted cheering Ginta up after this by making Ginta cakes during school's free period, though, as Ginta revealed, they tasted awful.


A fun-loving, care-free boy with a ponytail who uses Babbo as his ÄRM. Ginta is a fourteen year-old boy as a 2nd year student in Japan. He has always had a daydreaming problem; falling asleep in class happens on a regular basis. Ginta's dreams are about a fantasy world in which he is the hero. On many occasions he tells Koyuki, the only person who believes that his dreams are real, about the dreams and how one day he will go to the place he sees when he's asleep. Many of his classmates and teachers pick on him for sleeping in class and Ginta often ends up getting beat up or running around the school as punishment.
Ginta's mother doesn't like to hear of his dreams because of his father who disappeared about six years ago. He had the same dreams as well and she is worried that Ginta will leave her. She writes fairy tales, or märchen, for a living. She also playfully beats Ginta up for playing too many video games and slacking off at school.
One day, however, Ginta was sent to the fantasy world he dreamed of, MÄR Heaven. Being originally from another world (Earth) he was originally weak and nerdy (a stereotypical otaku) until he arrived in MÄR-Heaven, where he gained superior physical ability, 20/20 eyesight, and his path happened to coincide with that of the ÄRM of legend Babbo.
Ginta later finds out that he was brought to the fantasy world by a boy named Alviss so that he can save the world from the Chess Pieces. He uses the unique ÄRM Babbo, which was used by the head of the Chess Pieces six years prior, to create Team and defeat the Chess once and for all. He harbours a secret crush on Koyuki.

Pre-War Games arc

One day in class, Ginta is teleported to the other world he had always dreamed about, MÄR Heaven. Once there, he is quick to enjoy the fantasy world and quickly discovers his increased strength. Along with Dorothy, Ginta goes into a cave and finds the ÄRM Babbo, who Ginta thereafter uses as his own personal ÄRM, much to Babbo's annoyance. Ginta then meets a farm-boy named Jack, and rescues his farm from two vegetarian werewolves. Shortly after that Ginta meets Alviss, who reveals he was the one who brought Ginta to MÄR Heaven and the reason he summoned Ginta: to fight the Chess Pieces, who are trying to take over MÄR Heaven. Although at first Alviss finds it hard to believe that Ginta could do so, he later warms up to Ginta and believes Ginta can do so.
After Alviss leaves, Ginta and Jack find a dog named Edward, who reveals that the princess of Lestava and his best friend, Snow, has frozen herself in a nearby castle to protect herself. Ginta and Jack, with Alviss and Dorothy following them, attempt to rescue her, but are stopped by two Chess Pieces named Ian and Loco, although the emergence of Alan, who was sealed within Edward, and Halloween saved both Jack and Ginta and Ian and Loco from death. The next day Alan put Snow, Ginta, Jack, and Dorothy in a three day training session inside of the Training Gate, although to the four it would have actually been 180 days. During the three days they are training, the Chess Pieces begin to take action and take over a large chunk of MÄR Heaven. Once the four get out, they have a small battle with Ian and Gido, where in a show of their new strength none of them receive any harm. Once the battle in finished, the five of them together form Team MÄR
Team MÄR then heads south to the Hild continent, where they meet Nanashi, the leader of the Thieves Guild of Luberia and a major enemy of the Chess Pieces. Nanashi quickly befriends Team MÄR and joins them. With Nanashi's help, they all go to Vestry, a city which is under the attack of two powerful Chess Pieces, who are currently hiding inside Vestry's famous underwater cave. After splitting up in the cave, Ginta eventually meets Tom, and they quickly become friends. Ginta and Tom later find one of the two Chess Pieces, Girom, and defeats Girom using his newly found power, Gargoyle. Ginta then falls unconscious, and it is revealed the Tom is really the leader of the Chess Piece army, Phantom. Nanashi and Dorothy then take him back to Vestry, and that night it is revealed that the War Games will soon begin. MÄR then heads to Reginlief Castle to help fight in the War Games, and, surprisingly, only them and Alviss pass the preliminaries.

War Games arc

Ginta has a large number of battles in the War Games, and fought in all but one of the War Game rounds. In each battle Ginta will have trouble mentally as well as physically, and each fight gives him a new challenge, including fighting a seemingly un-win-able fight or having to fight someone whose reason for fighting is sympathetic.
During the War Games, Ginta soon finds out that Tom is really Phantom, and later he has a small unofficial fight with Phantom at Kaldea island, where Phantom quickly defeats an already exhausted Ginta, which later proves to be further determination for Ginta to win. In an anime filler arc, they also oppose the Zonnen, outcasted Chess Pieces who are near Knight level. In the end, all of the Zonnen are trapped in the Training Gate forever.
  • Ginta vs. Garon - 1st Round - Although at first Ginta has trouble fighting Garon due to his hardened body, Ginta is quick to turn the battle around with Gargoyle. Ginta also finds out in this battle that his father was the previous person from his world to be sent to MÄR Heaven and the hero of the last War Games.
  • Ginta vs. Kannochi - 3rd Round - Kannochi quickly takes the advantage of the battle by using a Darkness ÄRM on Ginta, though Ginta reverses the curse by using Alice. A melting Kannochi then wishes him good luck in the future battles Ginta will fight.
  • Ginta vs. Girom - 4th Round - A rematch between the two as requested by Girom. Just before the battle Girom killed Aqua, which quickly angered Ginta to the extent he couldn't use Babbo correctly. Babbo then calmed him down and Ginta used Gargoyle to send Girom into the sky to unknown whereabouts, although Girom is later revealed to survive.
  • Ginta vs. Ash - 5th Round - By a request made by Ash, Ginta has his first battle against a Knight against Ash. Ginta soon learns the Ash's reasons for fighting is to protect children who would otherwise be killed in the wars of nations, although Ginta refuses to believe this and defeats Ash. Ash later turns out to be a valuable ally and friend.
  • Ginta vs. Ian - 6th Round - For revenge in causing the punishment of Gido, Ian, now at Knight class, plans on defeating Ginta. Entirely out of his determination to save Snow (who was just kidnapped right before the battle), Ginta manages to defeat Ian, and Ian quits the Chess Pieces and vows to kill the one who punished Gido.
  • Ginta vs. Phantom - Final Round - The last battle of the War Games, Ginta and Phantom continuously send blow after blow to each other, but in the end Phantom is crushed by an enlargened Babbo, defeating the #1 Knight and winning the War Games.

Post-War Games arc

After The War Games are over, Team MÄR set out to find the King and Queen and rescue Snow, who King and Queen were going to use to open a portal to Ginta's world and take over Earth along with MÄR Heaven. During this point in the anime, there are several filler episodes that largely change the plot from the original manga.

Manga Version

In the manga, shortly after defeating Phantom, Team MÄR are opposed by the King and Queen. The Queen, Diana, faces off against Dorothy, while the King, Danna-Orb fights Ginta. During their battle, King reveals that he isn't really Ginta's father, and that Ginta's father's real soul is Babbo's. Ginta removes Kaldea's Orb from King's body and puts Babbo's soul in the soul-less body, giving life back to Danna. Kaldea's Orb takes on its true form, but Ginta then defeats it and finally defeats the Chess Pieces. Afterwards, Ginta returns to Earth and reunites with his mother and Koyuki.

Anime Version

While Ian pursues Chimera and Dorothy and Alviss fight Rolan and Candice, Alan and Ginta storm Lestava Castle to rescue Snow, and end up fighting Magical Lou, Snow's childhood caretaker and her kidnapper under Queen's orders. In the end, however, Magical Lou frees Snow in a way of apologizing for putting Snow through all she had gone through instead of helping her. Afterwards, Alviss' Zombie Tattoo, which he received from Phantom six years ago, awakens and puts him under Phantom's control, and in the end Team MÄR fights Alviss to free him. Just after that Team MÄR meets the Ghost Chess, who end up capturing them along with the former Chess Pieces Loco and Chaton, although in the end they manage to escape with Loco's help, although Loco is transformed into a baby afterwards.
Once they return to Lestava Castle, King decides to take action and kill Team MÄR and their allies. In knight armor, King quickly disposes of Alan. While Ginta and Dorothy head to Kaldea to free Kaldea's Elder from an ÄRM used on him, the rest of Team MÄR reunite with Pano, who reveals that her brother and father were also killed by King. Nanashi, Snow, and Alviss try to oppose King, but just before Ginta and Dorothy return the King kills both Nanashi and Snow, although they help Alviss escape. After Ian, Gido, and Ash return, Ginta, Dorothy, and Alviss learn of King and Queen's plan to take over Ginta's world, and their three friends try to oppose King, but Ash dies, and Ian and Gido promise to take care of his children friends. Alviss is then the next to fight King, and King reveals that he is really Danna, the hero of the last War Games, and kills Alviss.
Ginta and Dorothy then return to Lestava Castle, and Dorothy fights Queen Diana, her own sister, and wins. Afterwards, King shows up and kills the weakened Dorothy just after Diana dies, and then fights Ginta. During battle, Ginta discovers that his father's soul was within Babbo all along while the Kaldea's Orb was in Danna's body. After Kaldea's orb is removed from Danna, Kaldea's Orb takes on its true form and invades Earth. With Kaldea's Orb on Earth, Ginta takes Babbo's Gargoyle to Earth for the final battle. Using the power of all people in MÄR Heaven, Ginta sends a devastating blow to Kaldea's Orb that destroys the orb forever. Afterwards, Alan, Garon, Leno, Nanashi, Dorothy, Ash, Fuugi, and Alviss are revived, and Ginta, with his father, return to their world. Once there, Danna reunites with his wife, and Ginta does so with Koyuki, who has merged with Snow to create one soul so that both of them could be with Ginta.

Ginta's ÄRM: Babbo

The only known ÄRM in MÄR-Heaven with a human soul - which is actually the magic kingdom Kaldea's former Elder's, and therefore the only one able to talk without being activated. He is also able to 'download' personalities and carried King's before first War Games and Danna's afterwards. Once the weapon of the exceptionally powerful Chess Pieces Knight Phantom, it now is wielded by Ginta, and serves as both a friend and a weapon. Babbo is known for his oversized ego and love of himself, constantly referring to himself as an "elder" (in the English versions, a gentleman), comically in contrast to his typical shape, which is in default form an oversized kendama. In the end of the anime, Babbo lives with Chaton, Alan, and the baby Loco.
Babbo has many ways of attacking, different "versions" of Babbo that can attack. However, these versions cannot be accessed without the Magic Stones that are attributed to them. Babbo can also change sizes, which is why he weighs so much.
Before Ginta acquires any of these Stones, he uses the ÄRM like a kendama or just whips it around. However, this proves to be rather ineffective. Ginta later finds out that data is recorded in Babbo through his imagination; the greater the form imagined the more powerful it will be. In total there are eight spots for Magic Stones, four on each side. In the series, these different forms are referred to as "versions".

Version 1-A: Hammer ÄRM; 1-B: Dagger ÄRM

  • Ginta's fist and Babbo merge together to create a metal ball (hammer) or a dagger. In this mode Babbo can telepathically communicate with Ginta. This version is mainly used for close range fighting.

Version 2: Bubble Launcher

  • Babbo turns into a gun with which Ginta can fire exploding bubbles that look like Babbo. Ginta uses this for long range fighting or as cover.

Version 3: Gargoyle

  • Gargoyle takes a lot of magical power to use. Babbo turns into a giant Gargoyle creature that levitates above the ground on a giant crystal and holds a ring in his mouth. He can use the ring to fire a strong beam but it uses a lot of magical power . Because this version is a guardian ÄRM Ginta can't move when he uses it, but it also is very dangerous; if he is reckless with it, Ginta's spirit energy will be crushed. It was first sighted in the underground lake defeating Girom, and blasting a way out for lost souls of an old ship to escape.

Version 4: Alice

  • Babbo turns into an angelic female Holy ÄRM that uses healing magic, which is effective for counter-attack and protection against Darkness ÄRMs. Babbo is embarrassed after the transformation. Ginta first used it in the battle with Kannochi. He attempts to use it to undo the curses placed on Ed/Alan and Alviss. It is successful for Ed and Allan but fails for Alviss. Nanashi and Jack think Alice is beautiful.

Version 5: Cushion Jelly

  • Babbo turns into a giant pudding that covers Ginta entirely and absorbs all physically destructive attacks used by the enemy. The one drawback is that this move will render Ginta motionless. He first used this ability during his second battle with Girom during the War Games.

Version 6: Puss in Boots

  • Babbo turns into a giant fish-wielding Puss in Boots, gaining immense speed and the ability to use other ÄRMs. He first uses this ability during his final fight with Phantom.

Version 7: Union

  • A spell that reunites the separated. Ginta uses it to revive his friends and father after they are killed by Danna-orb.

Version 8: Reverse Gate Keeper Clown (manga only)

  • Babbo transforms into an exact replica of the Gate Keeper Clown allowing a certain number of people, determined by the dice roll of the Gate Keeper, to go into the real world from MÄR-Heaven. Ginta and his dad meet up with Koyuki and return home.

Version 8: Omega Gargoyle (anime only)

  • This is the same form of Version 3: Gargoyle but is made to get stronger with the hopes and dreams with every person in Mar-Heaven. In the anime's end, Ginta finds another Gate-Keeper Clown in a shop.


(スノウ, Sunou)
Voiced by: Ai Shimizu (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
Snow who was on the run from her step mother with her servant and good friend Ed. People were told by the queen to kill her. Much later they find an abandoned castle. As they explore it Snow decided to seal herself away in ice. Ed tried to convince her to not seal herself, but Snow reminded him about the fact of the people after her and told him to run. Snow then told him to come back later with a Fire ÄRM to free her when he is strong enough. When Ed returned with Ginta, Babbo, and Jack they met up with Dorothy then after saying farewell Dorothy told the Chess to come out and she killed them as a favor for Ginta. That's when Alviss and Bell arrive. When Ginta and friends arrive to Snow they see the enemies a man and a little girl. A fight starts with Ginta and the man. Later Ed becomes Alan who then gives the Fire ÄRM to Ginta telling him to save Snow while continues the fight in his place. Behind a pillar is Alviss and Bell watching the fight. When Ginta melts Snow from the ice Snow falls and on accident they kiss. Making it Ginta's and Snow's first kiss. This when Snow first appeared on MÄR.
Snow is the princess and only heir to Lestava and is the counter part of Koyuki. Lestava is the capital of MÄR Heaven. Snow has a VERY BIG crush on Ginta, so she is easily jealous of the times when Dorothy rubs on Ginta, kisses him all over the face, or jumps on him. Anytime Snow gets jealous you can see giant flames cover her, so Ed usually panics right about now. You mainly see Snow wearing a pink ribbon, a pink with white jacket, a pink two strapped tanktop (that you don't see very often), deep red shorts, pink leg warmers, and pink tennis shoes. At first look Snow seems like a helpless 14 year old princess, but her true self is an incredibly strong, loud, easily annoyed, scary, and completely strange girl. Do to her appearance many people misjudge her and go easy on her to find themselves beaten to a bloody pulp. Only her good friends seem to know of her true personality. Snow uses Ice ÄRM to fight and protect.

Pre-War Games

The only princess heir to the crown of Lestava. Lestava Castle's Oracle tells Snow to leave the castle and assemble an army to fight her stepmother Chess Pieces' Queen Diana. She and Edward fled Lestava Castle and settled on Pazurika Island in a frozen castle. When the Chess Pieces attacked, she used Iced Earth to surround herself in ice prompting the Chess Piece members Ian and Loco to wait for Halloween to arrive with a flame Nature ÄRM. She was thawed from the ice by Ginta when Alan lended him the ÄRM of Flame.

War Games

In the War Games, Snow faces off against Fuugi on the Desert Field in the 2nd Round and wins against him. In the 3rd Round at the Volcano Field, she lost to Mr. Hook since she didn't have the advantage there. While the others were training for the fourth round, Snow had Alan send her into the Training Gate so she can rest up. She received a new ÄRM when she was at Caldia with Team MÄR. When it came to the 5th Round at the Desert Field, she used her ÄRM Undine to defeat Emokis (who called Snow ugly). In her match at the Mushroom Field during the 6th Round, she faces off against her old babysitter Magical Roe who captures her under the orders of Diana.

Post War Games

Anime version: After the War Games are over, Team MÄR storms Lestava Castle to rescue Snow, and in penance Magical Roe sacrifices his life to save her. When the Ghost Chess came into view, she along with Team MÄR were captured, but managed to escape with the help of Chaton and Loco. When King shows up in person, Snow is killed alongside Nanashi. At the end of the anime, Snow and Koyuki became one being and ended up staying in Ginta's world to be with him.
Manga version: After the War Games ended, Team MÄR rushed in and fought Magical Roe. They soon found out the Queen was using her to open a portal to the world Ginta came from. After a fight with the Queen, Snow was released. After a fight with the King, Snow met her dad again. In the end, Ginta gave her a chocolate bar as a good luck charm.


Snow is fun-loving and easy-going but can be serious in battle situations, and is notable for the fact that she looks and acts exactly like Koyuki, Ginta's crush in the real world - her own alternate versions, with whom she shares views of each other's world, and an affection toward Ginta, and was also Ginta's first kiss. She gets jealous whenever Dorothy gets too close to Ginta. They are considered being the first couple of MAR.


A user of ice-themed ÄRMs, and later water-themed:
  • Ice Sword: A ring ÄRM that solidifies water in the air into a sword covering the user's hand.
  • Iced Earth: Nature ÄRM can shape ice shards use for long ranged attacks/freezes Snow's surrounding. Girom also has this type of ÄRM, but it doesn't have the 2nd feature.
  • Snowman: Nicknamed "Yuki-Chan" by Snow herself, this Guardian snowman can multiply itself and can reform even after complete destruction. When in its inactive necklace form, it appears to reflect Snow's emotion.
  • Healing Angel: A pendant ÄRM obtained from Ian of the Chess Piece Army when he lost to Ginta. It is a Holy-type that can heal injuries, to a certain extent.
  • Undine: A Guardian ÄRM ring and gift from Caldia, which summons a beautiful water nymph with devastating torrential power.


(ジャック, Jakku)
Voiced by: Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese), Bryce Papenbrook (English)
The one who meets Ginta early in his adventure and after the boy helps him beat the Rugelu Brothers, a pair of werewolves that were terrorizing Jack's home to claim the farm's vegetables, he and Ginta becomes best friends. Loud-mouthed and clumsy, Jack is the weakest of Team MÄR (though he is still on par with a knight), however not by any means the least resolute, if not the most: he never misses a chance on training to get stronger, first not to be a burden to others, and second, to avenge the death of his father Jake—a former soldier of the Cross Guard—who died in the first War Game at the hand of one Zodiac Knight, Weasel. He also has a hopeless crush on every cute girl he can lay his eyes on, especially Snow and Dorothy, despite how cruelly they treat him. Eventually, his luck with females changes as he gains former Rook Pano as his girlfriend. In the end of the anime, Jack lives with his mom, Pano, and the two vegetarian werewolves that now work for him. A user of plant/earth-type ÄRMs:(he closely resembles Monta from Eyeshield 21)
  • Battle Scoop/Battle Shovel: Also called the Earth Scoop, a Weapon ÄRM that Jack's Dad left for him that can also be used as a weapon. The ÄRM's typically horrendously weak, it is afterward upgraded by Dorothy with magic stones.
    • Earth Wave: Using the power of the magic stones, Jack's Battle Shovel sends out a small earthquake towards his opponent.
    • Earth Beans: Jack scatters several small beans on the ground and uses his Battle Shovel to make them instantly grow into giant vines to snare his enemies.
    • Magic Mushrooms/Funky Fungi: Jack spreads spores onto his enemy that quickly sprout into mushrooms. These mushrooms then emit hallucinogens into his enemy, causing them to see illusions. The hallucinations, depending on the person, will differ. If the person is optimistic then the hallucinations won't be as bad for someone with a pessimistic personality.
    • Beans Shield: Jack uses his Battle Shovel to instantly grow a giant, hollow bean that he can then hide inside to avoid attacks.
    • Beans Shield Version 2: This was first shown in his fight with Vidar, Jack uses one half of the Beans Shield as a portable shield to defend with.
  • Mehitos: From beneath the ground, this cephalotus Guardian bursts forth to Jack's summon and, under his commands, consumes all adversaries.
  • Poof(Will 'o Wisp Fire): Using a ruby-engraved ring Guardian ÄRM as a medium, Jack calls to his side a flame-haired cheery midget donning Arabian clothes and when the order for destruction is issued, it will practically reduce everything to ashes with its flame.


(ドロシー, Doroshii)
Voiced by: Saki Nakajima (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
A beautiful princess of Caldea who is also a witch of immeasurable power, and the younger sister of Diana, Queen of Chess Pieces (the former princess of Caldia). She is the step-aunt of Snow and thus, she bears the responsibility to put a permanent rest to Diana's actions in accordance to the laws of their birthplace, the magic kingdom Caldea. She is first to appear walking up to Ginta. Since she saw the great strength of Ginta, she asked him to help her get ÄRM. When he refused, she offered up a Weapon ÄRM that was completely useless. Ginta agreed not knowing a thing about the ÄRM, so they enter the cave of where the ÄRM is sealed. Later, when they arrive at the ÄRM's location they have to face a powerful Guardian ÄRM, Brikkin. As Dorothy fights it with her Guardian ÄRM Flying Leo, Ginta gets the ÄRM who calls himself Babbo, then Flying Leo breaks, and so with Babbo he beats the Guardian Brikkin. Later they argue over Babbo to the point when Dorothy tried and failed to pick up Babbo because it was to heavy thus Ginta got Babbo. Disappointed she flew away on the Weapon ÄRM Zephiroth's Broom.
Dorothy has an interest in stealing any uncommon ÄRMs she comes across (which is also her other duty on Kaldea's behalf), heaping up into a wide variety for her collection, but she seems to prefer Guardian ÄRMs and Wind-themed ÄRMs in battle. Dorothy's moods can vary from the sweet, kind-hearted girl to the pitiless, cruel fighter who could kill her enemies without any second thought. She also has a notably large crush on Ginta, leading her to smother him with attention, much to Princess Snow's chagrin.


A witch of immeasurable power and the younger sister of Diana, Queen of Chess Pieces, who bears the responsibility to put a permanent rest to Diana's actions in accordance to the laws of their birthplace, the isolated magic kingdom Kaldea.

Pre-War Games

Dorothy has an interest in stealing any uncommon ÄRMs she comes across (which is also her other duty on Kaldea's behalf), heaping up into a wide variety for her collection, but she seems to prefer Guardian ÄRMs and Wind-themed ÄRMs in battle. Dorothy met Ginta Toramizu when he first got to MÄR-Heaven. Dorothy led Ginta to the Cave of Babbo where she fought a Rock Golem while Ginta retrieved Babbo. She left afterwards and re-encountered Ginta in Snow's castle and she manages to sick her ÄRM Toto on the Pawns.
When she was secretly following Ginta, Alan detected her and joined up with the group as she is sent into the Training Gate with Jack. She took Jack on as an "apprentice" and teaches him the ways of maximizing his ÄRM's potential.
When in Vestry, she and Nanashi fought Orco in Vestry's Underground Lake with Nanashi defeating him. She also refereed the contest between Ginta and John Peach.

War Games

When it came to the War Games, her first battle was against the Bishop Maira and she defeated/killed him using Toto. When it came to the 4th Round, she easily defeated Avrute and barely survived against Rapunzel. After the 4th Round, she told Alan about Diana and transports Team MÄR to Caldia so she can tell the Grand Elder. During that time, Phantom and an army of Rooks attacked. Dorothy faced off against some Rooks attacking a part of Caldia while Ginta fought the other Rooks and Phantom. In the 6th Round, she faced off against Pinocchio and was swallowed by Pinocchio's ÄRM Fastitocalon. She managed to get out and use Toto to destroy it and liberate Poko.
When it came to the latest Training Gate activated by Gaira, she ended up on Earth and Ginta found her as a maid with the ÄRM Pierce on her right ear. Only did Nanashi fighting her and pulling off a draw were Pierce's effects negated.
In the Final Round, she faced off against the Knight Chimera and defeated her.
Apart from Ginta, Dorothy is the only one who won all her battle rounds.

Post War Games

Ginta and Dorothy prevented Pinocchio, Kouga, and Girom from capturing the Grand Elder of Caldia. When it came to storming Lestava Castle, she and Alviss face off against Rolan and Candice. She and Team MÄR were captured by the Ghost Chess, but escaped. When it came to the threat of King, Dorothy and Ginta free Caldia's Grand Elder from one of Diana's ÄRM. She finally faces off against Diana and kills her, but she is killed by King. After Ginta defeated King, she was revived and managed to confess her love to Ginta and kisses him (Bobbo jumps on Jack to give them privacy). After Ginta returned to his world through the Gatekeeper Clown, she screamed Ginta's name in the air. She was seen flying on her Broom of Zephyrus at the end of the anime.

MÄR Omega

She tests Kai's worthiness to wield Babbo in her own version of the Training Gate. She also seems to share a bond with Elisa due to the fact that she gives her the Nature ARM Fiori.


Dorothy has developed a protective disposition on Ginta and gave him the nickname "Gin-tan", therefore always inwardly annoyed of Snow, even though they sometimes cooperate (technically speaking, since Dorothy's sister is Snow's stepmother, that makes Dorothy her stepaunt). Dorothy is also rather flirtatious, and commonly uses her charm, beauty, and sexiness as a way to bribe the male members of Team MÄR, which always ends successfully. Despite her sexy nature, when in a fight Dorothy can be cruel and deadly, going as far as killing any Chess Pieces members that she can get her hands on, though she later promises Ginta she won't kill her opponents and does not go back on her word (save for Diana as she must carry out her duty).


Dorothy has a wide range of ÄRMs at her disposal, and if one analyzes each of them, a vast majority create ties between their owner and the character Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." Dorothy's ÄRM include:
  • Ring Dagger: A Celtic dagger Weapon ÄRM which Dorothy uses as her weapon when she doesn't want to waste her energy on Zephyrus Broom. Dorothy is quite deadly with this weapon and completely capable of killing in one strike. This dagger actually has great significance throughout the series - it is the arm that she offers to Ginta when he gets to Mar Heaven. It is also the ring that she used to dispatch one of the bishops during the ice ring fights. Finally, it is the ring that she uses to kill her sister with, being thrown like a throwing knife.
  • Broom of Zephyrus (Broom of the West Wind): A Nature ÄRM taking the form of a besom is almost always seen near Dorothy (being held, or sat on). She uses it to fly and shape her particular element - wind. It can create anything from a breezing blow of wind to multiple raging tornadoes (Thunder Wind) or a sharp cut that can behead the target, and the power can be boosted several times by expanding its joints (a trick seen in the anime only). It is one of Dorothy's original ÄRMs, and is a play on the connection between heself and Dorothy's tornado incident in "The Wizard of Oz".
  • Antidote Tonic: (manga) Holy ÄRM used to cure poisons.
  • Andata: An extremely handy Dimensional ring that allows Dorothy to teleport to anywhere she has been before. This ÄRM could be a reference to the Ruby Slippers, in terms of purpose.
  • Zipper: A Dimensional ÄRM giant zipper that allows Dorothy to store her ÄRMs in an extra-dimensional space for storage. It can be used in battle for fast change of ÄRMs.
  • Ring Armor: A common Guardian ÄRM that summons a living suit of armor. It's quite weak and is mostly for testing an enemy's strength.
  • Flying Leo: A Guardian ÄRM that summons a flying lion. This could be a reference to the Cowardly Lion.
  • Toto: Officially named Reindog, it is a giant three-tailed dog Guardian ÄRM that can eat absolutely anything, varies from normal foods, metals, Weapon ÄRMs to enemy's projectiles and guardian ÄRMs (even the seemingly inedible), and their users. Although sentient and extremely powerful, Toto is afraid of Dorothy's wrath since he knows that without her he wouldn't have "good food" to eat (powerful and/or rare ÄRMs). He is one of Dorothy's original ÄRMs. His name is a reference to Dorothy's dog in "The Wizard of Oz."
  • Watching Bird: (anime) A Dimension Guardian ÄRM that takes the form of a large purple hummingbird. The bird flies to watch whatever it is sent to watch, while the user has a ring that shows a hologram on the ground, which is whatever the bird sees.
  • Rock Giant Golem: A giant suit of rock armor bracelet Guardian that originally used to guard Babbo. Dorothy named it Brikin. This ÄRM could represent the Tin Woodsman, but instead of metal, he is made of brick.
  • Crazy Quilt (Crazy Kilt): A Guardian ÄRM loud-mouthed, whimsical female puppet that wears dirty clothes and has no legs (it levitates above the ground) that can move with great agility. It can generate ultra-loud sounds in the form of a song, able to render opponents and anyone in the immediate vicinity senseless, however towards adversaries of upper level magic, they are useless, as seen in the battle with Chimera. She is one of Dorothy's original ÄRMs. This ÄRM could represent the Patchwork Girl from various Oz books.
  • Crucified Scarecrow: Another of Dorothy's original Guardian ÄRMs, a ragged crucified scarecrow. Once Dorothy's command is issued, the scarecrow will be "activated": it will spin at wild speed, and the consequent centrifugal force with the scarecrow's metallic drill hat makes a deadly double blow. This is definitely a homage to the Scarecrow from Oz.
(アラン, Aran)
Voiced by: Juurouta Kosugi (Japanese), Lex Lang (English)
A hardened (smoking) warrior, the powerful human who participated in the previous MÄR-Heaven War against the Chess Piece, known as the 2nd man, Danna's partner in the Cross Guard. His power level is said to be equivalent to a Knight in the method of power ranking used by the Chess Pieces, and once fought to a draw with the Knight's second in command, the one ranked directly under the No.1 Knight Phantom, Halloween. However, because of a curse set by Halloween's Darkness ÄRM, Igneil, in the same fight, Alan was sealed inside the court guardian and custodian dog of princess Snow, Edward. In order to change back into Alan, Ed has to sleep three times, often forcibly knocking himself out, which is too risky and inconvenient for most situations. If Alan sleeps once, he becomes Ed again. After the visit from Phantom and his Zodiac Knights, Alan and Ed are split apart into two beings by Ginta, using Babbo's Alice transformation. Ironically, due to his time inside Edward, Alan has developed a fear of cats. In the end of the anime, Alan lives with Chaton, Babbo, and the baby Loco. His ÄRMs include:
  • ÄRM of Flame: a flame Nature ÄRM, this is the natural counter to Snow's ÄRM and is able to conjure fire in any form. This is what he uses to light his cigars.
  • Shadowman: A Nature ÄRM that can create a being out of a persons shadow, this copy has the same magical powers and skills as the person it is based on.
  • Training Gate: A Dimension ÄRM that Alan used to train Ginta, Snow, Jack. and Dorothy. It puts people at the user's will inside this gate, where time slows to 1/60th of its outside time and with many challenges programmed within it, the dimension serves good training ground. The drawback to using this ÄRM is that Alan cannot go inside the Gate himself and he cannot move while he uses it.
  • Air Hammer: A set of rings and bangles Dimension ÄRM and Alan's most frequently used weapon. It uses an attack called "Air Freeze" that creates blasts of air shaped into concussive blasts and compensates for Alan's lack of ranged attacks.
  • Flying Carpet: (Ed's) A Dimension ÄRM used for transportation.
  • Merilo: A pendant Guardian ÄRM in the form of a polite, slender girl with a cat tail and ears, used to help people the Training Gate train, and to navigate for them. She's referred to as 'the cute one'. Although she does have cat attributes, Alan doesn't fear her because she is an ÄRM
  • Bumolu: A Guardian ÄRM in the form of a rude, fat woman with a bear tail and ears, used to help people the Training Gate train, and to navigate for them. She's referred to as 'the ugly one.'
  • Saint Anger: A pair of bracelet Guardian ÄRM which summons two giant armour hands with titanic powers.
It should also be noted that he has enormous strength, even by MAR heaven standards, and is able to defeat most gardians and opponents with one punch.


(アルヴィス, Aruvisu)
Voiced by: Souichirou Hoshi (Japanese), Yuri Lowenthal (English)


The cold figure of MÄR, Alviss is the one who brought Ginta into MÄR-Heaven. He joined the Cross Guard in the 1st War Game and grew fond of their leader, Danna, with whom he shared the very same goal for which they put their lives at risk, to fight the Chess and protect MÄR-Heaven. This pure courage, however, got Alviss further than he could ever have expected even in his wildest dream: Phantom also chose him as one who would reside in the dreary future of MÄR-Heaven, in the form of a Zombie-tattooed undead.
Alviss, not wanting to live as an immortal, makes it his life's goal to defeat Phantom. A superior in the Cross Guard, Gaira, recognizes this and trains Alviss. When Alviss finally succeeds in defeating Gaira in a wooden sword fight, Alviss is rewarded with two ÄRM: Gate Keeper Clown, and 13 Totem Pole. While training, Alviss also befriends the fairy Belle. From then on Belle is almost always seen in Alviss' company outside of battles.
For years Alviss lives under the looming shadow of this most unwanted tomorrow, and recluses from opening his heart for others. However after meeting with Ginta, Alviss starts to change and finally stands up facing destiny in full height.



Alviss is first introduced sending Ginta Toramizu to MÄR-Heaven. Alviss then searches for the one brought to MÄR Heaven, only to find out that it's a child with no magical power. Alviss then turns Jack into a bird and tells Ginta he will destroy Babbo, which angers Ginta. Ginta immediately fights Alviss, however, Ginta stands no chance and quickly loses. Alviss, however, releases Jack and doesn't kill Babbo. Alviss follows Ginta and his allies around until they reach the War Games, where Alviss enters as a member of the Cross Guard. Alviss is the only member of the Cross Guard that made it past the preliminaries.
During the War Games, Alviss forms a rivalry of sorts with Rolan of the Chess Pieces, and the two battle twice: once in the 3rd round, where Alviss loses, and again in the final round, where Alviss emerges as the victor. Part of their rivalry is due, in part, to both of them owning a Zombie Tattoo, though, unlike Alviss, Rolan is happy to have received one.
In the anime, following the War Games, Alviss' Zombie Tattoo is awakened by the Ghost Chess, bringing Alviss under Phantom's control. After confronting former allies in Team MÄR, Alviss manages to resist the Zombie Tattoo and leave Phantom. Alviss later returns, however, to destroy Phantom. Rolan confronts Alviss, attempting to stop him, but, realizing Phantom will leave this world soon, attempts suicide, though, unknown to Alviss, Rolan survives. Phantom then appears before Alviss and willingly allows Alviss to kill him. When Alviss finds himself unable to, Phantom uses Alviss' weapon to perform the death strike on himself, freeing Alviss from the Zombie Tattoo.
After Phantom's death, Alviss, along with the rest of Team MÄR, are confronted by the Chess Pieces' King. Like most of the other members, Alviss dies fighting King. Once King is defeated by Ginta, however, Alviss is brought back to life. At the end of both the manga and anime, Alviss and Belle live together.

MÄR Omega

Alviss makes a reappearance in the sequel series by reversing Babbo from his Gargoyle state when Kai was unable to. Alviss then took Babbo's magic stone that produced Gargoyle, saying that Kai wasn't prepared for it, tells Kai about the fake ÄRMs, and leaves to find other fake ÄRM users.


  • Ring Dagger: A ring weapon ÄRM that becomes a dagger. He uses it to activate the Gate Keeper Clown, and is later seen on Alviss' finger, though he does not use it in battle.
  • Guardess: A ring Weapon ÄRM that creates a large shield with a cross on it.
  • Gate Keeper Clown: The Dimension ÄRM that brought people from other worlds to MÄR Heaven, broke after fulfilling its purpose. It has also been stated during its first appearance it determines the number of people who can come though by the roll of a dice.
  • Sealing Skull: Darkness ÄRM, causes the target to become paralyzed while seeing images of frightening skeletal phantoms.
  • Caged Bird: A Darkness ÄRM that traps someone inside a cage and turns that person into a bird.
  • Purific Ave: A key that is in fact a Holy ÄRM with the power to undo the Zombie tattoo curse.
  • 13 Totem Pole: Alviss's main attacking ÄRM, an Omega chain Guardian/Weapon ÄRM with each link carved in totem style. Given to him by Gaira.
  • Á Bao A Qu: Once arisen, its asteroid "jaw" and "checkbone" will cleave, opening the Á Bao A Qu's "eye". Its gaze will then take in the sights of foes and jail them in a glass ball, detonating from within.


(ナナシ, Nanashi)
Voiced by: Masaya Onosaka (Japanese), Liam O'Brien (English)
Nanashi was found by Galian in the middle of nowhere, lying alone and nearly dead due to a nasty wound in his stomach. After he was revived by him and taken to the bandit Guild of Luberia, it turned out he had no memory of his past or even his name, and thus Galian named him Nanashi (nameless). Galian would later betray Nanashi, joining the Chess Pieces and leaving him in charge of Luberia after erasing his memory of him. Nanashi's main goal is to track down the Chess Piece responsible for wiping out Luberia (Peta) and avenge his slain allies. Though through all his seriousness in killing Peta and avenging his comrades, Nanashi still has time for flirting. It's also implied that Nanashi is from earth, because Babbo says he has the same scent as Ginta.


Nanashi's background remains largely a mystery. At some point, Galian, the chief of Luberia at the time, found Nanashi, with a large stomach wound, in a field. Galian would bring Nanashi to the Luberia Fortress, and Nanashi joined Luberia. Nanashi revealed he has no knowledge of his past life, or even his name, leading Galian to give him the name "Nanashi", meaning nameless. When a gorilla-like monster attacked Luberia, Nanashi managed to send it flying.
Nanashi and Galian would become best of friends, getting along the best out of all of Luberia's members. Galian, however, in a craving of power, would betray Luberia and Nanashi and joined the Chess Pieces, installing Nanashi as the new leader and wiping him of any memories Nanashi had of Galian.
During his reign as chief of Luberia, Nanashi would meet a young girl named Pirun, who was under the attack of several Chess Pieces. Nanashi saved the girl, but it was already too late for her parents, who died to the Chess Pieces. Pirun would later return the favor by finding Nanashi after he fell off a mountain and alerted other Luberians. Pirun and Nanashi would grow close together, with Pirun affectionately calling Nanashi "Brother". Pirun, along with several other Luberians, would be killed during Peta's Luberian homicide, much to the sorrow of Nanashi. Nanashi then vows to defeat whoever attacked Luberia's fortress, with him not yet knowing who attacked Luberia, despite whatever cost.


Nanashi, much like Ginta Toramizu, is ever happy and optimistic, and is rarely ever seen without a smile on his face. He believes that things will eventually work out, despite however bad things seem. Nanashi is also very playful, and commonly teases other members of Team MÄR, particularly Alviss for his dark and unhappy views. Nanashi can find fun out of anything if he tries, as seen in the anime fillers.
Despite his happy and go-getter point of view, Nanashi is at times very serious and almost dark. He refuses to forgive anyone who hurts his friends or other Luberian members. In battle, Nanashi is shown as a serious and strong-minded fighter, rarely letting his emotions get in the way of his battle, or rather, at least with male enemies. Nanashi, however, can still find enjoyment out of fighting, as seen with his optimism during his fight with Aqua.
Nanashi is also quite the lady's man. When he first met Snow and Dorothy, he asked the two out on a date at once and called them "hotties". Like Jack, Nanashi commonly flirts with Dorothy, and also follows her around complete with a deadpan look on his face. Nanashi is usually seen flirting around with at least five girls at once, earning him a large amount of crushes. He has also been known to flirt with female Chess Pieces on two occasions, one with Loco, who's technically older than him, and the other with Aqua. Nanashi is often called a pervert for his flirtings. Luberia itself notes on how Nanashi's flirting grows out of control at times, and also tries its best to make sure he doesn't flirt too much on missions. At one point (during his match with Loco) her even refuses to give up unless Dorothy strips down naked for him (though it is implied that he was joking).

Leader of Luberia

Nanashi has a deep loyalty to Luberia. Nanashi strongly believes that Luberia is the strongest force on earth, and comments that it would be much better to have himself fight the Chess Pieces rather than the Cross Guard, a skilled and well-trained army. He feels it is his eternal duty to protect and serve Luberia, and to defeat any of Luberia's enemies at his own hands.
Nanashi, as customary to his role as chief of Luberia, commonly travels all around MÄR-Heaven in search of treasure. It is known that Nanashi has visited Vestry on at least one occasion in an attempt to break into the underground lake and steal the legendary ÄRM inside. He also mentions that at one point he visited Reginlief Castle once and "liberated some treasure". As an owner of the Dimension ÄRM Andata, Nanashi can revisit any of the places he has been before in an instant.
In his travels Nanashi would learn knowledge from all across MÄR-Heaven, including customs and foods. The anime reveals that Nanashi knows how to make several varieties of foods, including takoyaki.
Luberia has several headquarters around all of MÄR-Heaven. All of these headquarters are linked to the main fortress, a wooden fort built inside a colossus, located in the Hild Continent. The Luberia Fortress is mainly dominated by a large pub in the center, which serves as a gathering place between members and as one of the few places a Luberian can relax. The only other headquarters known in the series is a small base of operations on the northern coast of the Hild Continent, located in a desert region. All of Luberia's bases are connected through an extraordinary communication system. Snow, the princess of Lestava, comments that Luberia's communication system is second-to-none.
After the timeskip between Marchen Awakens Romance and MÄR Omage, the Luberian Fortress was abandoned, apparently due to attacks from the fake ÄRM users, with Nanashi being the only Luberian remaining.


Marchen Awakens Romance

Nanashi is first introduced attacking Team MÄR, believing them to be Chess Pieces, though he later realizes his mistake. Nanashi is quick to befriend Team MÄR, and also reveals to them the state of the world. Nanashi also leads them to a large graveyard in the Luberia Fortress, the graves of which commemorate those massacred by Peta. Nanashi then decides to join Team MÄR, and takes them to Vestry, where two Chess Pieces are causing another massacre. In Vestry, Nanashi learns from Orco, a Chess Piece he defeats, that it was Peta who massacred his comrades. Nanashi then joins the War Games solely for the purpose of defeating Peta and avenging Luberia. Nanashi eventually makes his way to the final round of the War Games, and fights against Peta. Nanashi barely survives the battle, winning only through the use of a Holy ÄRM given to him by Alviss.
While in the War Games, Nanashi fights Loco during the second round, though loses because he is unwilling to harm her. He later fights against Aqua during the fourth round. Seeing how Rapunzel, a Knight also in the fourth round, kills her comrades who come out with a loss, Nanashi chooses to end the battle with a draw in an attempt to save Aqua's life. Although Aqua did win, she is killed by Girom, and Aqua's final words are an apology to Nanashi. After the fourth round is over, Nanashi sinks Aqua's body in the water as a funeral, telling her to "rest in peace".
Shortly before the fifth round, Nanashi is told by Ash, another of the Knights, that someone specifically requests to fight Nanashi in the fifth round. Nanashi does as such, and the requested fighter turns out to be none other than Galian, Nanashi's former friend. Although Nanashi at first remains clueless over how the two are connected, Nanashi eventually remembers their history together in Luberia (although he remembers no further back than that). Nanashi continues to fight, getting blinded by his emotions, though the words of Ginta Toramizu help Nanashi remember his true goal in the war Games, avenging Luberia. The two, in a final effort to attack, then unleash their Guardians, with Nanashi's ending victorious and seriously wounding Galian. When Galian questions himself for losing, Nanashi tells Galian he lost because he abandoned his friends, the true source of power. Galian then goes on to admit he had a slight jealousy of Nanashi from the start. Nanashi ends the fight by promising to Galian he will remain worthy of the name, life, and rank Galain gave him.
In the anime, while Training in Gaira's Training Gate, he, alongside Team MÄR, ended up in Tokyo, where he was found as a bike gang leader with the ÄRM Pierce in his left ear to make him forget his past. He kidnapped Koyuki with Ginta and Jack on their tail. After a fight with a rival gang, Pierce was removed from him and Nanashi regrouped with Ginta and Jack. He also fought Dorothy, who was hypnotized by the same ÄRM, though the fight ended as a draw. Nanashi, alongside Team MÄR, were captured by the Ghost Chess, but escaped. Nanashi is later killed by King, alongside Snow, and revived upon King's death. Following Ginta's return to the other world, Nanashi leads Luberia with Galian.

MÄR Omega

Nanashi makes a reappearance in the sequel series MÄR Omega. Kai, Elisa, Inga, and Dorothy, in a quest to restore Babbo's memory of his past life as Cladia's elder, head to the Luberia Fortress and find Nanashi. They meet no other Luberians, with them apparently having run off due to attacks from the fake ÄRM users. Nanashi joins the group and protects them while they search for Babbo's memory.


Nanashi, as typical of Luberia chiefs, uses Lightning-based ÄRM. Nanashi's also very powerful, and his power level is comparable to that of a Knight within the Chess Pieces. His ÄRMs are:
  • Griffin Lance: A ring Weapon ÄRM, a lance with griffin-headed tip.
  • Thousand Needles: A necklace Weapon ÄRM which shoots giant spikes from underground for the purpose of defense.
  • Electric Eye: A ring Nature ÄRM which produces bolts of lightning that Nanashi fires at his enemies. Every time Nanashi uses this ÄRM he sees a shadowy outline of a person, later revealed to be Galian. This ÄRM is also the symbol of Luberia's boss.
  • Aegis: An aspis etched with the carving of a white maiden, this Holy ÄRM has the ability to effectively guard its user from physical assaults, and refuel him with magic power.
  • Andata: Dimension ÄRM, transports Nanashi and all he wishes to any place that he has already been to, stored in its memory.
  • Crystal Balls: Dimension ÄRM. This ÄRM can show in real time events occurring in any place Nanashi wishes.
  • Gymnote: A ring ÄRM which calls forth an eyeless gymnotid Guardian with thunder-generating power.
Additionally, Nanashi also knows how to control his magical power and make it seem significantly shorter to lower the guard of his enemies. He additionally, having massive strength, being able to cause grave damage with one punch to a bishop who was using a nature ÄRM to make his body as hard as stone, may imply that he is from the real world.


The dog who devotedly serves Princess Snow. Ed is often seen supporting Team MÄR in War Games by watching the floating orb. When Snow is healing the people in Vestry, he worries that she is using too much magical power. He also is normally seen congratulating Snow after every game she comes back from. (Except when she is captured by Magical Ro.) Edward complains that he doesn't want to go to Caldia, because he thinks that Diana has given permission to the Chess to go to Caldia, so he's afraid. He was combined with Alan in the previous War Games by Halloween's Darkness ÄRM Igneil, and is later returned to singular form with help of Babbo's "humiliating form," Alice. He helps save Snow in Lestava Castle, and is last seen with the princess when Ginta leaves.
unning time: half hour per episode
Number of episodes: 102
Episode titles: We have 102
2005-04-03 to 2007-03-25 (TV Tokyo Broadcast)
2006-07-14 (USA - Toonami Jetstream)
2006-12-23 (USA, Cartoon Network - Toonami)
2007-06-01 (Canada - YTV)
Opening Theme:
#1: "Kimi no Omoi Egaita Yume Atsumeru HEAVEN" by Garnet Crow (eps 1-26)
#2: "Haredokei" by Garnet Crow (eps 27-51)
#3: "Yume Hanabi" by Garnet Crow (eps 52-77)
#4: "Kaze to Rainbow (風とRAINBOW; Wind and Rainbow)" by Garnet Crow (eps 78-102)
Ending Theme:
#1: "I just wanna hold you tight" by Miho Komatsu (eps 1-13)
#2: "Fukigen ni Naru Watashi (不機嫌になる私; I'm in a Bad Mood)" by Sayuri Iwata (eps 14-26)
#3: "Mainichi Adventure (毎日アドベンチャー; Everyday Adventure)" by Sparkling*Point (eps 27-39)
#4: "Sakurairo (桜色; Color of Cherry Blossoms)" by Shiori Takei (eps 40-51)
#5: "MIRACLE" by Rina Aiuchi (eps 52-64)
#6: "Koyoi Eden no Katasumi de (今宵エデンの片隅で; Tonight in Eden's Corner)" by Garnet Crow (eps 65-77)
#7: "Mou Kokoro Yuretari Shinai de (もう心揺れたりしないで; Don't Shake My Heart Anymore)" by Aiko Kitahara (eps 78-90)
#8: "Kono Te wo Nobaseba (この手を伸ばせば; If I Stretch Out My Hands)" by Garnet Crow (eps 91-102)
Official website:
Mar Heaven (Japanese)

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